Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Memphis stand up in Janelle Monae's new video ‘Tightrope’

Check out the UDig Academy Dancers Marico Flake, Charles Riley, Dmonte Young and Ms. Ladia Yates in Janelle Monae's new video. I have been lovin' this song on XM and now I see the homies are in it and I'm beyond stoked. Congrats Tarrick!


Click on the pic!
Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi ‘Tightrope’

Lady Day, my latest and greatest inspiration

I got a beautiful postcard of Billie Holiday yesterday in Strange Cargo on Beale St. I love her, which most know.

She originally performed the illustrative and awakening song, "Strange Fruit," in 1939. I formed the illustrative and awakening event production company, "Strange Fruit," in 2009, 70 years later.

With Strange Fruit we are redefining the south while paying homage to the past. I think Lady Day can dig it.

You are cordially invited to...

Call for Memphis area artists from UrbanArt!

In 2007, members of NIA Artist Collective, frank d. robinson jr. (my bestie), Vitus Shell, Edwin McSwine and I were awarded a public art project from the Urban Art Commission. Our original artwork was produced, with the input of North Memphis residents and children, printed on tiles and installed on the Dave Wells Community Center, permanently.

I was recently asked what having my art, "Hopes and Dreams," exist vibrantly in Memphis means to me? My answer...everyday children from the community walk and hope to make it to their destinations safely. They live, for the most part, in painful realities with poor examples of possibilities for their lives. Now everyday those same children walk and see brown kids on a brown brick building donning hats of possibilities and I hope that seeing our artwork, my artwork, will finally empower them to dream.


UrbanArt and the City of Memphis are working together to create public art gateway projects in each of the 7 City Council districts. Sites were determined for their neighborhood interest, high visibility, and the potential for positive impact of urban design enhancements in each area.

The Budget for each gateway project is $100,000 and the deadline is 4:00PM Friday May 14, 2010 (no exceptions!). Fortunately (in my opinion) these 7 projects to enhance Memphis neighborhoods is only open to local Memphis and Shelby County artists!

For more information check out UrbanArt's blog at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A STRANGE Arrangement: Mayer Hawthorne

Me and the crew road to lil ol' Oxford Mississippi to see tomorrow's superstar Mayer Hawthorne. It was well worth it and because we are leaps and bounds beyond some music lovers, we got to hang with the fellow. Check out some of his music here and buy his album A Strange Arrangement.

p.s. Nikki Jean is gorgeously talented and both bands were sick.

Damaged people are dangerous.

They know they can survive.

-Josephine Hart

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When you run out of things to believe in..

Believe in LOVE. Oh and amazing fashion. Rachel Roy look book...

A taste: I shot with the lovely Piper Dandy

Here is a taste of what's to come.
I had to share one because all of the pics are just soooo juicy. <--Strange Fruit reference.

Twiggy and Piper. fierceness all up and through.

Daddy's Girl

Dad: "Lee remember when you called me and said 'Dad, I just sold my first painting!' and I said 'well Angel that means you are an artist!'"

Me: "Yes Daddy I remember that."

Dad; "Well I just got my first article published!"

Me: "Well Daddy that means you are an author!"

Congrats to my father, Steve Jones, my main man.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Zhu>Mays present

My friends Gavin Mays and Christine Zhu had an intimate gathering a few nights ago celebrating their newest business endeavor and creative collaboration, A Foreign Collective.

AFC will be an innovative little online concept store, with loads of clothes they love and think you will too. It's scheduled to launch today and I've got my eye on a few pieces. If you beat me to 'em, I'm coming for you. =)

Oh and the first 25 buyers get a crazy dope old school soul mix CD with a handmade case featuring a collage of vintage playboys. if for nothing else...

Hip Hop 4 Haiti benefit at Stax Music Academy

This past weekend the highly anticipated Hip Hop 4 Haiti benefit was held at the Stax Music Academy. My sweetie Jo'zzy hosted, back-up sang for my sweetie Ify and kept the crowd hype and inspired to help. Here are some flicks...

Howard Gentry o.g. art.

Howard doing some live art.

Ify performing with Fly Geek.

who can I talk to about getting this renovation going??
p.s. I bought a Stax Records t-shirt. Oh yes!

I heART HAITI raised $1,500 for Haiti relief efforts!

Darlene Newman..."So Loved" art opening

I don't do "reviews" of things I go to mainly because it's not for me to judge. It is, like Darlene's show a few weeks ago at Memphis Theological Seminary, for me to share.
Besides you know, I only talk and talk and talk about the things I truly love. She is one.

piece originally developed at launch party
NIA Artist Collective artists frank d. robinson, jr. and Darlene Newman

My red shoes and I are recommending you contact Darlene.

Monday, March 8, 2010

three months ago, I got this bright idea to bring what I love to fruition.

Thanks to the supporters, the really good secret keepers, and the dream catchers.

It's coming, stay tuned....@iamstrangefruit or here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dreaming on a wish
finding space in time to count
sheep and dreams co-exist!

Petey's Haiku