Friday, April 30, 2010

WRITE: cus it feels right. Congrats to Chris Blake on the Mixtape Release

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
yellow sweater, two blue stripes to match mixtapes,
traveling at Godspeed so we patiently wait,
sitting on stoops,
drinking jungle juice,
writin bout the past while dreamin of better days,
and more ways…
to get dreams out.
aha moments lead to mastermind music
this is what creativity is all about.
I rejoice (cus I support him)
and the rest of us shout out
"hip hop better prepare for this
wack rappers should be scared for this"
not a threat, but a mere affirmation for a friend
you deserve it cus you've earned it...
And Everybody Loves Chris!

Congrats @chrisblakeworld


Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Music: "Holla At Me" Tyga x Chris Brown wearing super dope VINTAGE Ti$a gear

I like this song alot. I like all the vintage gear and most importantly I love the Ti$a vintage snapback caps for the Raiders and Tampa Bay. Maybe one day I can get SFV embroidered on my snapbacks, like the idol Ti$a (Taz Arnold).

In the meantime, we've got two at the SFV headquarters (NOT ON THE WEBSITE YET). Both are early 90s San Antonio Spurs. Here's a pic of one, email if you want dibs before they become public.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (GURU)...Rest in Peace

The letter has been removed since it's rumored to have been written by Solar, not GURU the great. Sad so sad. RIP GURU

Here's one of my fav Guru tracks...take heed....

Guru's Jazzmatazz - State of Clarity (feat. Common)
Uploaded by Gurus-Jazzmatazz. - See the latest featured music videos.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Pics: SFV Launch Party

Just a few pics from the amazing SFV Launch Party. Click the link below for the rest of minezzz. Nick Bailey took some superb ones. I'll post those soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Press: SFV in the Memphis Flyer

Say it isn't so! Craig Brewer to direct Footloose!

I want in!!

One of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood is out: Memphis filmmaker Craig Brewer has signed on to direct a remake of the 1984 teen-cinema fave Footloose for Paramount. Brewer has been rumored in connection with the remake since late last year and had recently been working on a new script for the project, but the final deal for Brewer to helm the rebooted Footloose was reported Monday night by industry trade publication Variety and confirmed by Brewer shortly thereafter.

"I'm now directing Footloose," Brewer told the Flyer this morning. The next step in the process is casting the film and choosing a location, but Brewer says he expects the film to begin shooting sometime this summer.

The project had initially been set up for High School Musical director Kenny Ortega and envisioned as a lighter, musical-theater-style piece. Brewer had turned down the project after being approached by Paramount last year, but took another look when Paramount executive Adam Goodman gave Brewer the go-ahead to scrap the initial rewrite and take the project in his own direction.

Brewer, who has long expressed a love for the "working-class cinema" of the ’80s such as Footloose, Purple Rain, and Flashdance, had plenty of ideas. As a kid, he'd used Footloose and Purple Rain, in particular, to teach himself about have movies are constructed, going so far as to record the audio tracks of the films — not the musical soundtracks, but the entire films — onto cassettes to listen to on the way to and from school.

"I know every moment [of Footloose]," Brewer says.

So Brewer scrapped the initial rewrite and went back to the source in coming up for his own contemporary treatment of the iconic film. "I asked [the studio] for [the] Footloose [script]," Brewer says. "And they first sent me the rewrite. I had to say, no, I want Footloose, by [original writer] Dean Pitchford."

In his new version, which he's set in Tennessee, Brewer sought to return the film to its original drama, wrapped up in teen angst, parental control, religious repression, and small-town malaise. And he appears to have made the project personal by drawing on his own experiences with the Baptist Church and as a teen outsider who grew up in California but would spend summers visiting relatives in Memphis. Brewer says he's also drawn on his parenthood in developing a new appreciation for the material.

"I'm beginning to understand how parents, worried about the dangers and potential deaths of their children, can make rash decisions," Brewer says.

Brewer says did his rewrite in six weeks, completely rebuilding the already green-lit project from the ground up.

"I've shakin' the Etch-a-Sketch," he says.

"I've got a lot of respect for the original writer of Footloose, and he's been very supportive and on-board with my script," Brewer says. "When I started re-writing the script, I studied the original and thought about how to make it contemporary but still keep plenty of nods to the original film." In doing this, Brewer says he drew inspiration from filmmaker J.J. Abrams recent revamp of the Star Trek franchise, which breathed new life into familiar material while still catering to fans of the original.

Brewer has set the film in Tennessee, but given the more generous film-production incentives in surrounding states, particularly Georgia, shooting the film in Tennessee may be a longshot, though Brewer says he hasn't given up on that.

"This is a battle, unfortunately. There's nothing the studio can do. There's just a lot of financial incentives to go to Georgia," Brewer says. "It's probably not helpful that [the Memphis-set] The Blind Side was shot in Georgia. I'd like to consider myself a Tennessee filmmaker. And there's regional specificity in this. There's buckin' and jookin'. It would be a shame to shoot in Georgia and have to put up Tennessee flags. I guarantee you I'm the only person in Hollywood fighting to make a movie in Tennessee."

from the Memphis Flyer

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inspiration: MJ's We're Almost There (cus we are)

Every single day for the past two weeks I have listened to this song twice a day. Inspired by the amazing sample in the Raekwon/Meth/Ghostface banger "Our Dreams."

It's Hump day, it's 3 days to the Strange Fruit Vintage Launch Party and it's day 4 of less than 5 hours of sleep. But you know what....WE'RE ALMOST THERE.


FAMILY AFFAIR: Artist COLEMAN premiers TIMELESS in Memphis

Timeless because a heart beat is more important than a clock tick.

Timeless: The Composer/Arranger Series is the name of a concert series that was created in homage to the composer/arrangers who have influenced hip-hop in the most literal and profound ways. Timeless was conceived by production house Mochilla in Los Angeles during February and March 2009 and included the performances of over 150 musicians in front of ecstatic sold out crowds. These three historic events were recorded and filmed in exacting detail with Mochilla's unmistakable style.

*TIMELESS SERIES is generously supported by: VTech

L.A. born artist Eric Coleman began taking pictures at the age of twelve. His youthful hobby led to a career as a professional photographer in which, over a 10-year period, Coleman has grown to be an innovator with a unique style of photography.

Coleman deepened his appreciation and enthusiasm for photography while attending The Royal College of Art in London. There he was able to cultivate his distinctive style of visual communication while honing his craft with top level professionals.

Appetizers for the SFV Launch Party

I'm pulling out all the stops (or gos) for the SFV Launch Party. Loverboy told me I need to keep some things surprises and not share all the plans...and after I pouted, I agreed. He didn't say nothin' about sharing a lil bit though. ha! consider it appetizers...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Inspiration: Vintage Confidential Documentary

My cousin, Jeli, sent me this documentary a while back after I shared my Strange Fruit Vintage plans with her. It's almost like going to AA (or a Star Trek convention) and realizing you are not alone. As you will see, for us vintage addicts, the thrill of the search is equally as amazing as the finds.

p.s. my cousin's main squeeze is Blake in the video.

Beale Street Chic features Strange Fruit Vintage!

The "illusive" creator of Beale Street Chic recently interviewed Petey about all things Strange Fruit Vintage and the wicked upcoming launch party.

p.s. She's illusive because I have no idea who she is and she likes it like that, but oh how I love her blog and style. Follow her on twitter @bealestreetchic and click the pic or follow the link (below) for her lovely blog. Thanks BSC!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strange Fruit Vintage Launch Look Book!

Many thanks to the beautiful people that modeled and then kept secrets (as far as I know) concerning all things Strange Fruit Vintage. I love you! This is part one of the look book...
Penelope in men's knitted letterman jacket. The G is for Gangsta!
Brandon in mens black Members Only short-sleeved pull over.
Petey in corduroy damask jumper.
Brandon in men's button down shirt, wool burgundy vest and knitted navy cardigan with crest.
Kristi in women's red hot two piece suit and black sequin vest.
Piper in navy/black/white sailor halter top and accompanying blue belt.
Brandon in Toronto Canada red sweatshirt and Jordache track jacket.
Piper in sequined and taffeta red cocktail dress.
Petey in red and black one-piece jumper and grey leather belt.
Brandon in NIKE pull-over track jacket.

Join us at the Strange Fruit Vintage Launch Party Saturday, April 17th at 506 South Main from 7p - 11p to see/touch/buy all of these vintage pieces plus so much more!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Strange Fruit Vintage Launch Party

Some of these rad watches will be given away Saturday, April 17th at the Launch Party. And yes that is a British Knights watch boy!

Memphis Renaissance at Chris Blake's Video Shoot

I'll probably get in trouble for posting these behind-the-scenes shots of the oh-so-dope Chris Blake video shoot. Hell I have 70 pictures, they should be glad I just posted 5 err 7! Shout out to all of my family that was in the building and support Chris Blake the great.

Twitter: @chrisblakeworld @rachelb214 @busybmtown @losthascholar @kimmiepooh @loopless @ogcosmaticchee @dj_cpthegreat and ME @iamstrangefruit

I can't wait to drop the video on my blog so these photos, his vision, and our 1920s glamour can come to life. Support the Arts!

Friday, April 9, 2010

You are cordially invited to...

Introducing my latest and greatest creation...Strange Fruit Vintage!!!

Strange Fruit Vintage is an online urban vintage clothing boutique that specializes in offering quality clothes and accessories for men and women from the 1980s to present.

To celebrate the launch of the new online boutique and to get the word out we are hosting a Strange Fruit Vintage launch party on Saturday, April 17th 2010 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at MPact Memphis located at 506 South Main.

During the launch party attendees will experience an eclectic mix of music from past to present by DJ Manus, a unique “everyday people” styled fashion show featuring items from the Strange Fruit Vintage inventory, vintage clothing for purchase, vintage giveaways and an opportunity to engage with Memphis’ creative culture in a vintage-inspired environment.

My homies from Live from Memphis will be documenting the launch party for their “Flipside of Memphis” documentaries.

As my friend, supporter or someone I think is pretty dope....I'm cordially inviting you to come celebrate a dream come true with me!

p.s. the online boutique launches next week, plenty of time to buy something dope for the party. Stay tuned for the web address!