Friday, April 30, 2010

WRITE: cus it feels right. Congrats to Chris Blake on the Mixtape Release

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
yellow sweater, two blue stripes to match mixtapes,
traveling at Godspeed so we patiently wait,
sitting on stoops,
drinking jungle juice,
writin bout the past while dreamin of better days,
and more ways…
to get dreams out.
aha moments lead to mastermind music
this is what creativity is all about.
I rejoice (cus I support him)
and the rest of us shout out
"hip hop better prepare for this
wack rappers should be scared for this"
not a threat, but a mere affirmation for a friend
you deserve it cus you've earned it...
And Everybody Loves Chris!

Congrats @chrisblakeworld


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