Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tease: Pop Up Shop Accessories

And this is just the accessories!! All accessories under $30. See you Friday, August 6th at the Strange Fruit Vintage Pop Up Shop from 6-10p at Odessa, 2613 Broad Ave!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tease: Charlisha Renata Photography x Strange Fruit Vintage

Here's a peak at a host of new items coming to the website soon.
Email to get your hands on the 
"Liquid Leopard" seafoam and black dress, size M, $40...
before she does.

Special thanks to Charlisha Renata Photography for "immortalizing my ish".

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tease: Westham Label Release Party

to see all the pictures click here

Vintage Outfit: "Haute Dog On A Stick"

This...right to Hot Dog On A Stick. If you aren't from or haven't been to the west coast then you probably have no idea what Hot Dog On A Stick is. You probably have never anihilated an amazing breaded hot dog, drank the lemonade or more importantly watch the process by which that world famous lemonade is made. For that, I have given you an 8 second mindblowing lemonade making experience that should change your life. it tastes better than it looks...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strange Fruit Vintage in Little Rock Fashion Week

Presius Skeletronix
for Little Rock Fashion Week

A "vision" is what Brandon D. Campbell, owner and executive producer, describes as his reason for starting Little Rock Fashion Week in 2009 . A much needed event in this part of the south, Little Rock Fashion Week has gathered designers from across the US this year. Fashion artisans from Chicago, New York, and neighboring Memphis, in addition to a host of Little Rock designers, are showcasing there skills and passion this Friday and Saturday.

Vintage guru and online store owner Shalishah “Petey” Franklin has been deciding how  to style her group of Little Rock Fashion Week models this past month. Strange Fruit Vintage, in my opinion, is dedicated to being a salvation for the unique and fashion trendsetters. 

"I’ve always had a love for vintage clothes. I have a lot of my ancestor’s vintage clothes, and from that I formed an appreciation (some would say an addiction) for vintage, so starting Strange Fruit Vintage was a natural evolution of my love,” said Petey. “Strange Fruit began as an event production company and at these events the audience was a group of artists and creative individuals with a unique since of style.  Through these events, like art exhibitions and hip-hop parties, I was able create the audience for the product long before I created the product of Strange Fruit Vintage,” she continued.

 Last to be added to the list of designers, Petey says "Being in LFFW is a great opportunity not only because I feel like Little Rock is a sister city to Memphis but, also this will help to create a regional presence for Strange Fruit Vintage." She signed up for a venue and ended up getting a whole spot on the catwalk in Saturday’s Posh Expression Fashion Show.

Tickets can be purchased online (CLICK HERE) and will be held at will-call for you!

Join us Friday and Saturday in Little Rock and experience Strange Fruit Vintage, more than 15 clothing designers, a great host, entertainment and of course the art of FASHION!

Robinson Exhibition Hall
7 Statehouse Plaza
Little Rock, AR

Friday, July 16th
Young and Fabulous Fashion Show
Doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
All tickets $14.

Saturday, July 17th
Posh Expression Fashion Show
Doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
$35 VIP. $25 General Admission and $15 Student Tickets (available at door with valid Student ID).

After Party and Fashion Show 
(sponsored by SAVER'S):
220 West 6th
Little Rock, AR
 $10 at the door.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art: Drive By Press stops in Memphis

The Dirty Printmakers of America came to Memphis last weekend from good ol' Texas, and thanks to VINI (Five in One), to help folks make some art at Live from Memphis' Season 2 Premier of Flipside.

According to their currently under reconstruction site, "The Dirty Printmakers of America are dedicated to the perpetuation, growth and understanding of printmaking and exhibiting contemporary American prints."

All those fancy words basically mean, for years they have created art that they love and then one day, founder, Joseph Velasquez had an epiphany that others just may love it too! And more importantly others may want to create a little bit moonshine. So they began an extension of DPA called Drive By Press and they literally took their show on the road.

This past weekend Drive By Press made a stop in Memphis and several of us got to create some pretty fly art on scraps of clothe choosing from a plethora of wood cuts. I chose their logo, of course, because I wanted to remember them and I wanted to share them with you! 

A little birdie (not Twitter) told me that VINI ( will be bringing them back soon... below is a video from their visit to VINI last spring.


Adore: Selfridges & Co explains their love for fashion

Selfridges & Co in Manchester featured this intricate and thought provoking window display recently. A light shining on an decadent garment with the word ADORE at the foot. Beautiful right?

Well what if I told you that decadent garment was designed by the late Alexander McQueen who committed suicide in February and saddened the fashion community worldwide.

Honestly, in my opinion, McQueen was fashionably morbid like that and he saw art in everything and created art of out anything. I think, wherever he is, he loves it. He was adored and still is. For those that are left, here, Selfridges & Co. has released this statement...

"Presenting a fashion item from the new Alexander McQueen collection hanging was never intended to be linked to the designer's untimely death or how he died. Nearly all the new season items from our new window scheme, The Desirables showcased in both our London and Manchester stores, are hung artistically on their own to present them as even more extraordinary. However we do acknowledge that, in retrospect, presenting the Alexander McQueen dress in our Manchester Exchange Square store in this way was a mistake and would like to apologise if this particular window has upset anyone. The dress has been removed and replaced by another designer's garment."

A Good Year for Fashion, introducing 1929 is coming....
and thanks to this preview, I can not wait!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Live from Memphis Flipside Season 2 Premier Party

It went a little something like this..."Can I take a picture of you and your vintage PanAm bag?" She says "yea go for it" then another lady walks up and says "Can I take a picture of you taking a picture of her with her vintage PanAm bag.  My friends think cool and creative people don't live in Memphis so I want to show them."

So yesterday a bunch of cool SPLAT! people got together at the Brooks Museum for the Season 2 premier of Flipside Memphis. 15 documentaries on people, places and things that are happening here, whether you like it or not. Strange Fruit Vintage was honored to be one of the documentaries and some really great footage of our launch party is including in the doc.

If you haven't seen our doc, click here

Below are some pictures from yesterday's premier party. For all things music, film, art, and cool and to see all of the Flipside documentaries click here!

 Miss Conversation Piece

 Brad and his Oscar
Electrocity's very own DJ Hype Taylor
I convinced a lady this was a vuvuzela.
@loudersoft and softy loud
God bless the get fresh crew.
together we're a tricycle. Sarah & Chris of LFM.

Tease: Petey of SFV photographed by Charlisha

I'm a behind the scenes, behind the camera, behind the times (not really but it flows) kind of girl. So, it was a large undertaking for me to suck it up and step in front of the camera for the lovely photographer Charlisha.

Here is a tease of the throwback hot shoot. The plethora of pictures featuring new vintage pieces coming to are coming soon! stay in tune.

Friday, July 9, 2010

SFV's First Memphis POP-UP SHOP is 8/6!!

Long awaited, much anticipated (never duplicated) chance to cop some dope 80s & 90s vintage clothes from

We're compulsive vintage buyers around these parts so expect to get your hands on a ton of NEW STUFF FOR MEN AND WOMEN from the vintage vault.
To make an event out of it...
  • DJ Homework will be spinning all night
  • Cities Aviv will pop up and perform
  • And a wicked 80s inspired $5 Photobooth will be on site by artists Ben & Petey
  • *A portion of proceeds from the $5 Photobooth will benefit Odessa's Building Fund!
PLEASE NOTE: The outfits pictured in the flyer are completely sold out and the sassy guys are on tour with Bieber and unavailable to join us!
Hope to see you at the Strange Fruit Vintage Pop Up Shop!!
Rad, wicked, rage and all that...

New Vintage shades are on the site!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Throwin' shade on soon!

Performances by HOMEWORK, Cities Aviv, Preaux, Ify, Zack Word, Taktix
18+/21 to drink
$5 Entry and DOORS OPEN AT 9:00PM

Westham Records is an up and coming collective spawned from the
desire to break the mold in Memphis music. With influences ranging
from Hip-Hop, Soul, Electro, Drum N Bass, Jazz, Dub Reggae,
Psych, and the like, the label's stancehas been to stay strictly true
to self and never to gimmicks. Homework just dropped 2 singles
on itunes (one accompanied by Madman) and more releases are
soon to follow by Preaux, Cities Aviv, & Taktix.  
Come check out the show July 16th.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lily Allen's new vintage store is her old closet!

The lovely "lit-uhl"Lily Allen just announced she's opening a vintage store this fall called Lucy in Disguise in London. The dopest thing about it is that the store will be full of vintage clothes from Lily Allen's personal collection. "I’m quite happy to turn it into a business and see other people having enjoyment out of it,” she said.

Well Lily I will be "quite happy" if you add an online store too so the folks on this side of the pond can partake in the vintage fun!

via UK Elle