Sunday, July 11, 2010

Live from Memphis Flipside Season 2 Premier Party

It went a little something like this..."Can I take a picture of you and your vintage PanAm bag?" She says "yea go for it" then another lady walks up and says "Can I take a picture of you taking a picture of her with her vintage PanAm bag.  My friends think cool and creative people don't live in Memphis so I want to show them."

So yesterday a bunch of cool SPLAT! people got together at the Brooks Museum for the Season 2 premier of Flipside Memphis. 15 documentaries on people, places and things that are happening here, whether you like it or not. Strange Fruit Vintage was honored to be one of the documentaries and some really great footage of our launch party is including in the doc.

If you haven't seen our doc, click here

Below are some pictures from yesterday's premier party. For all things music, film, art, and cool and to see all of the Flipside documentaries click here!

 Miss Conversation Piece

 Brad and his Oscar
Electrocity's very own DJ Hype Taylor
I convinced a lady this was a vuvuzela.
@loudersoft and softy loud
God bless the get fresh crew.
together we're a tricycle. Sarah & Chris of LFM.


  1. This was such a cool documentary. It really showed that if you take a second to really open your eyes, you'll see that Memphis DOES have a lot to offer.

  2. So good to see you Petey!!
    Thanks for posting this blog... xoxoxo!!!