Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art: Drive By Press stops in Memphis

The Dirty Printmakers of America came to Memphis last weekend from good ol' Texas, and thanks to VINI (Five in One), to help folks make some art at Live from Memphis' Season 2 Premier of Flipside.

According to their currently under reconstruction site, "The Dirty Printmakers of America are dedicated to the perpetuation, growth and understanding of printmaking and exhibiting contemporary American prints."

All those fancy words basically mean, for years they have created art that they love and then one day, founder, Joseph Velasquez had an epiphany that others just may love it too! And more importantly others may want to create a little bit themselves...like moonshine. So they began an extension of DPA called Drive By Press and they literally took their show on the road.

This past weekend Drive By Press made a stop in Memphis and several of us got to create some pretty fly art on scraps of clothe choosing from a plethora of wood cuts. I chose their logo, of course, because I wanted to remember them and I wanted to share them with you! 

A little birdie (not Twitter) told me that VINI (Fiveinone.org) will be bringing them back soon... below is a video from their visit to VINI last spring.


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