Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inspiration: George Arnett Dowdy II creates an instant classic

I've known George since probably about '98. He was part of the elite, award-winning and cult-like choir at Overton High School. I was a part of the common-folk, award-winning and hermit-like art deparment.

Department divides dwindled after high school and now I consider him a really good friend. A genuine, stand up guy with a ridiculously amazing sense of style, stunning smile and beautiful voice. The boy can sang!!

I recently went to George's first (questionable) self-composed classical music experience. Ya'll know I don't do reviews so I will say this...he created it all, the lyrics, the music, the arrangements. The first was a piece inspired by an author/poet/visionary near and dear to my heart Langston Hughes entitled "A Dream Deferred." It took bits of many of Langston's poems and with just a pianist and George created this journey through blackness, the desire to accept, understand and exist in an unwelcoming world. "They'll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed."

The second piece was performed by "the strings." I think three "regular" violins and one bass. Beautiful instrumental depiction of greek love stories. I may have done better in greek mythology if George composed it!

And the last piece took the words from God's Trombone by James Weldon Johnson (creator of the Negro Anthem "Lift Every Voice). Entitled The Creation: A Negro Sermon" George accompanied by four diverse singers, brought me to tears with the illustrative and beautifully sung version of creation of the world.

George, like you beautifully sang in the last piece...I AM saying and I AM so sure God said "that's good."

Pics below, support my friend oh and read his dope fashion forward blog (regularly)


  1. Dang!! Wish I had known. I met George while he was a student at the University of Memphis. He completed his scholarship or work study hours in the department I worked in. Always quiet, but friendly. Gotta catch him next time.

  2. omg!!! thank you soooo much. :) people like you make it worth it!!!