Thursday, May 27, 2010

1950s Vintage Bowties on SFV and Modern Day Inspiration

New and rare 1950s vintage bow ties are for sale on!!

Here are the lovely Presius Skeletronix thoughts on how to rock the hell out of bowties this season...

I'm not a stranger to wearing bowties. Back in the day it was part of my crazy obsession with wearing mismatch or over the top clothing. I still love over the top, but now I wear them with the intention to add a light masculinity and class to my outfits. Vintage bowties can make an outfit become quirky and fun or sophisticated and intelligent.

I hope these pictures serve as inspiration to you when matching your new vintage bowtie find with the perfect outfit.

p.s. I've worn mine with high waist shorts and sometimes a pencil skirt. Next time I'm thinking cigarette pants, wide legs or suit pants.


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