Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Little Black Dress > 365 Days in a Row!

What will you do for what you believe in?
And more importantly (to some) how will you look doing it?
For the last 365 days, Sheena Matheiken, a New Yorker by way of India, pledged to wear the same little black dress -- Every. Single. Day -- as part of The Uniform Project, her way of combining fashion, sustainability, and philanthropy.

It's served as a way to raise awareness of The Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots nonprofit that brings education to children living in Indian slums. So far, Matheiken's efforts have raised nearly $77,000 -- enough to send over 200 kids to school.

Adding in the sustainable element, she says, was a natural.

"I already shopped vintage and thrift-store stuff for years, so this exercise was more about formalizing that side of things," Matheiken tells StyleList. "It was more about showing that style can be very individual, and you don't have to follow fast trends. It was trying to bring that sense of creativity and individuality back into fashion."

For more information on The Uniform Project and to learn how to donate to the cause and purchase the dress worn by Matheiken, visit

via Stylelist

To read the full article and see an awesome video of all 365 outfits including tons of VINTAGE pieces click the below link!

How to Wear the Same Dress for an Entire Year

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