Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Danniversary Pearl Jam!!!

My sister Danni and I loved Pearl Jam...well technically she loved Pearl Jam and being my fabulously grungy older sister, I wanted to be just like her so, in turn, I loved Pearl Jam too.

Thank you ol' grunge era for making me thrift store, plaid button down shirt, faded t-shirt, holey levi's, dingy vans chic at age 8. Thank you Eddie Vedder for reeking of sexiness...you probably really reeked but it was definitely sexy. Thank you Pearl Jam for starting such an amazing group, 20 years ago this past August. Oh and thank you Rock Band for connecting this amazing group to a bunch of young whipper snappers. Even I thought the lyrics to Alive were "heeey imastead a lie" until Rock Band came out....(don't judge me!)

We are waiting on pens and coke needles for the new Pearl Jam Live album,  "Live on Ten Legs."

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  1. Yes, 20 years ago I wanted to pack my bags and head to Seattle to find this amazing band. The frontman, Eddie Vedder oozed of sex appeal. No one could make plaid shirts, cut off shorts (not Jean) and doc martens look so good. Not to mention his voice was captivating. Ten, will always be my all time favorite. I can remember my mother telling me to "turn that mess down." So, I would turn it up. Thank you for the great music and memories.