Friday, November 6, 2009

"It's all in LOVE. L.O.V.E."

Grandma and I went to experience "This Is It" yesterday and I only cried once, surprisingly. I was more in shock than anything, that he was ever here, that he was that dedicated and passionate, and that humble, and that he is gone.

They say you know when you're nearing your end. I believe that. Dr. King knew, Left Eye knew, and Michael's request to videotape the entire process was prophetic at the very least.

Reflecting on HIStory and mine...
I'm not a saint by any means and I don't try to be. What I do try to be is the best me. I try to live and love virtuously and wholeheartedly.

Saddened by how so many of you are judgmental and hateful to the core. Wish I could go back in time and to teach you how to love unconditionally again, everything your years of "churching" failed to do. Redefining word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse marketing so that the things you say in your 160 characters of opinion, that are then commented on 15 times,

Many people say I'm serious, "too serious, lighten up." I laugh, just not at the expense of others. If you learn anything from Michael's life and his death please learn to look inward at the man in the mirror. Reflect the light you want us to see otherwise don't be surprised when your life reflects your darkness.

I carry my city on my shoulders, because I have a hugely emotional commitment to Memphis and what it can be. Memphis is the 14 year old child in the orphanage or the man in jail serving two life sentences, or the lady with HIV and no money for vaccines. long forgotten.

I wake up everyday thanks to the Most High and for Marci, my grandmother who has seen everything from the invention of television to the Jim Crow South, to the invention of internet to the first Black President. I do this for Lynda, my mother, spending years fighting for her footing in an inclining world with a declining mentality. I do this for Steve, my father, a book of dreams deferred, and a family to feed. I do this for my 6 sisters; Dannielle, Kari, Klorissa, Qu'ran, Haile, Bobbi and my brother, Steven and for my angel brother Khali.

And most importantly I do this for me because I AM serious, real serious and I want my legacy and my contribution to the world to be too big to contain in ebay auctions, youtube videos or your status updates.

God Bless Michael Jackson..."we can't help but love you forever."

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