Monday, November 2, 2009

"she tell me that she love me, white girl"

I have a "thing" for Meshell Ndegeocello, I own all of her albums including Dance of the Infidels, a jazz CD I strongly recommend. I know how to pronounce her last name (N-Day-Gay-O-Chello). I remember when she put an apostrophe in her first name, Me'Shell, and I've read her girlfriend's book, Rebecca Walker - black, white and jewish.

Meshell traps my life's memories between electric guitars, kick drums and sultry lyrics. I remember exactly who I was dating and hating to love when I hear Bitter, "you push me away bitterly"

Fool of me still brings about the outrage of wasted time, energy and emotions in not only my life but in the chic on the movie Love & Basketball. Every woman felt that scene, felt that strife, felt that struggle for understanding trapped between contrasting black and white piano keys.

Devil's Halo, Meshell's newest CD that, to my surprise, came out in October, does not fail to serve as the EP of my current moments that will soon be mere music induced memories. The songs "Lola" (ironically my alter-ego's name), "White Girl," and Meshell's cover of "Love You Down" are the cream of the crop for me...of a fully harvested, vibrant, damn near perfect crop.

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  1. Wow! Shalishah! Your writting skills are phenomenal... I'm not a women, but the discriptive passage made me feel all the emotions of the expected feelings... Keep doing your thang mommie!