Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I wrote a poem amidst delirium...

Dear 2:30 a.m.

Have we met before?
You've kinda got this grin
like you've got something in-store...

It's late and
like seeing an old friend
in the aisles of payless
it's weird but
we both know what it is.

I must admit you look familiar
but I was on a mission to get somewhere last time
I had a goal in mind and an end in sight
so we never got acquainted

You came
I glanced like wow look at that!
Then I went on 'bout my way
You stayed around
grew in leaps and bounds
and I think every so often you'd change.

Ohhh now I remember
It was a cold night in winter
and I was busy counting sheep.
I saw you there in your bright red dress
giving me the beckoning eye.

But you see I'm committed!
So that's why I payed you no mind
I'll probably see you around dear
You're rather popular 'round here
People are always talking about "my look at the time"

In the meantime
new guy
I've gotta get back to counting my sheep
two-twenty-seven, two-twenty-eight, two-twenty-nine.

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