Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nikki Giovanni - Living Legend

"Teach yourself something and find a way to trust what it is that you know."
-Nikki Giovanni on compensating for poor education and upbringing.

On a cold night in Memphis I was warm. I adore Nikki Giovanni, but that's no surprise I adore all creative folk (who don't know that?!?). I remember reading Ego Trippin' and loving how memorable, illustrative and unconventional she wrote...about God.

"I am so hip even my errors are correct."

I would have liked to recap her speech last night at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, but I am no reporter and more importantly you kind of just had to be there to feel that warmth. That unparalleled opportunity for growth. Speaking of, I wish I'd seen more of the self-proclaimed writers, poets and spoken word artists that I know in the room. Maybe I was just too immersed in Nikki and you all were there all along. I certainly hope so...

"I'm not gonna go and see something that hates me." Nikki on the movie Precious
"At midnight she was the sun...she brought that light." Nikki on Rosa Parks
"Shall we continue? The answer has to continue to be yes!" Nikki on perseverance

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