Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's the word, bird?

 Where's your word?

So, I have recommended the book Eat, Pray, Love to at least forty women in my life and those who took me up on the recommendation now understand why. It's the most self-evaluating, self-loving, soul-searching and downright freeing (or invitation to become freeing) book I've ever read. period.

I saw the movie last night and despite the chatty cathies in the theater, it was just as utterly amazing as the book.

Going back to the book, because I dare not spoil the movie...

Sitting in an outdoor café in Rome, Liz Gilbert’s friend declares that every city—and every person—has a word. Rome’s is “sex,” the Vatican’s “power”; Gilbert declares New York’s to be “achieve,” and throughout the book (and movie) she seeks to find what her word is, what defines her.

I am also in search of my word (a nice one) and I invite you to join me in finding your word. And when you do find it, I hope you share, because you know I will!

<3 petey

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  1. ok so now I have to go find that book!! I too will begin searching for my word. Thank you for this!