Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fille de Joie

This time last year, I was definitely a fille de joie (girl of joy), enduring sleepless nights as I multi-tasked working a job and creating a dream. I interacted with commodious amounts of rodent poop and mold in search of the best vintage finds at somebody's mother's mother's estate sale. I traveled to seven cities, racking up frequent flyer miles and wearing out Iceberg Slick (my car). I  unpacked years of memories from beach cruisers to family photos to recreate a decade. I enlisted 22 friends and family and prepped them to become overnight sensations and lifelong loves. I prayed, as I usually do, because in the midst of all of this, from conception to creation, I knew then, what I know now, that I am but a vessel for my creator's gifts.  Lastly, this fille de joie, sought inspiration, from people, places and decades that shared my love for vintage and my passion to share it with you.

As Strange Fruit Vintage prepares to celebrate one magnificent year of creativity, collaboration and vintage exposition, I can't help but be reflective on all that we've accomplished and hopefully inspired others to accomplish on your journey.   We are working to create a robust online experience so that supporters worldwide can experience what Memphis has enjoyed for a year.  We are streamlining the SFV inventory to feature only the best of the best vintage items that you aspire to own and we sought to find. We are preparing for our Spring/Summer look book which will continue a world changing theme of love. We are planning our one year anniversary festivities and lastly, this boutique de joie, is continuing to seek inspiration.

Last year, this time, Brooklyn's own Fille de Joie held an intimate fashion show plush with persian rugs, props and pretty people. They inspired us to not only sell vintage clothes but recreate atmospheres.

This year, during New York Fashion Week, Fille de Joie, held it's very own peep show.  May you be so inspired by my rant, and by pictures from the peep show, to show us (the world) what you got!


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