Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Intern "Super Mario" is the game changer for SFV

The reality is when Super Mario Bros. came out in 1985, our fly intern wasn't even born. Getting over that small earth-shattering detail, our Super Mario has an impeccable sense of style, a love for vintage clothing, a pure writing ability, and a thirst for all things fashion. All of this, plus that pretty face, make him the supreme addition to the Strange Fruit Vintage family. Hopefully, you met him at our last Pop-Up Shop, you will see some of his styling ability in our upcoming spring look book and you can always check him out here, on the SFV blog.

"Innerview" with Mario:

"Vintage is classic. It means much more than a big "E" Levi's jean jacket or a pair of deadstock Ray Bans. It's a lifestyle clothed in items and a time period long gone. Vintage has a huge impact on today’s fashion world. The reality is, if it wasn’t for the originality of past fashions, trends, cars, furniture, and hair styles then we would have nothing to build upon, finesse, and make our own today.

Yesterday’s portrait drips paint on today’s canvas.

With my personal style, I am paying homage to creators and hopefully inspiring new creations. I'm glad to be a part of the Strange Fruit Vintage family because SFV is working to keep the past a part of our present. Think of it as a bit of history, in your closet."
follow him on twitter @Supa_Mario_Bros

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