Monday, February 21, 2011

INNERVIEW: Kendrick Daye creator of Art Nouveau Magazine

We got the dope opportunity to chop it up with creator of Art Nouveau Magazine, Kendrick Daye.

This Thursday, Art Nouveau Magazine celebrates three years of avant garde art exposition with a party featuring THEOPHILUS LONDON! For tickets visit Accept the Nouveau.

SFV: What are three things attendees can expect to experience at the anniversary party?
KD: 1> Debauchery 2> Bass Infected Pop Music 3> Theophilus London

SFV: During your artistic journey to realizing your dreams, what have you learned to be true?  What have you learned to be false?

KD: What I've learned to be true is that there really are no rules. Everybody is after the same thing, but not everybody goes about it the same way. If you keep at it long it and do you long enough people are going to have to notice. What I've learned to be false is other people's opinions. When you have a vision and you believe in it so much, what they have to say doesn't matter.

SFV: Some really fly individuals in the fashion, art and music scene have graced the pages of Art Nouveau over the last three years including Coco&Breezy, J*Davey and Ron English. What can readers expect this year in the pages of Art Nouveau Magazine?
KD: The next issue entitled GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS will be our tribute to the art of the pinup. Expect some visually stimulating art & design.

SFV: I sell vintage clothes with Strange Fruit Vintage and I spend a lot of my time and energy introducing or re-engaging people in all things 80s and 90s.  So, it's only right that I ask the person who spends his time introducing people to the "nouveau" a question about the "vieux" (old). Who are some artists, long gone, who have inspired you as a creator?

KD: Andy Warhol. Picasso. Basquiat, Keith Haring and Milton Glaser.

SFV: What mind blowing experience are ATliens, and any person smart enough to make the commute to Art Nouveau Magazine's 3rd Anniversary Party, in store for when Theophilus hits the stage?

KD: I'm a fan and I don't know what to expect. This is the first time I'll have seen him live and I'm just uber amped to see the songs I've hummed along too for so long played live.

Thanks Kendrick! Here's to many more years of creativity, insanity and Art Nouveau Magazine.

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