Thursday, February 17, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

 Recently, the lovely crew at Live From Memphis tortured invited me to watch music videos in preparation for the upcoming 6th Annual Music Video Showcase.

In two hours, I saw a host of really good and really not-so-good music videos from all over the country.  And while my lips are sealed on which is what, late night reflections on the event made me wonder how we could possibly resurrect radio, quickly. Because, some things just shouldn't be seen and by the same token, some things are meant to be seen again and again.

Here are some of my favorite vintage music videos.  I am in no way arguing that these are the best, I'm merely saying they left a lasting impression on me all these years.

Also, if you're in Memphis or have the urge to travel, join us for the Music Video Showcase, the weekend of March 12 and watch the new videos that several of us selected as "made for TV viewing pleasure."

8 of the full 18 minutes...Shuh-moan

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